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You're a graduate, professor, researcher. You know your area of expertise. Why not let digital media help others know about your prowess to open a world of opportunities?

What prospects do you want to explore? New job offers, consulting, speaking engagements, media coverage, meaningful connections? These and more opportunities will come to you once you've positioned yourself as the go-to expert in your field. Developing your own, academic brand represents the first step.

So, what is a Personal Brand?

what is a Personal Brand
Your personal brand sums up your Abilities, ExperienceExpertise and how you apply these to your niche. Your personal brand communicates the value you provide and what makes you different.

“Personal branding is the image someone may have of you after they enter your name in a search engine. They may find your Twitter feed or articles you’ve published. They may find a blog where you write extremely insightful things… Personal branding is not sitting down with a Don Draper stand-in and coming up with a media campaign. It’s stuff about you that’s online.” Timothy A Lepczyk, Instructional Technologist and Former Librarian

Try searching your own name online. If none of the results refer to you, you're the Invisible Man. Or, if the results don't reflect the professional persona that you want them to, you need to revise your academic brand.

Keep in mind that you're not the only one searching for your name online. An estimated 75% of HR departments are required to Google an applicant during the hiring process. Potential clients, collaborators, and colleagues also search for you online. What will they see when they type in your name?

If a student, faculty member, employer or search committee finds little about you online, this sends the message that you’re not engaged in actively promoting your work, your contributions, your service, your academic brand.

You can't rely upon your current position and any publicity it receives as the foundation of your brand identity. You may wish to work outside of your current scope someday. You may change employment or industries. Without an academic brand you control, you're pigeonholed into one job and your personal brand lies in the hands of your organization's web master. That's why you need your own brand that remains within your control.

“There is no professional or personal anymore. There’s simply your brand. Everything you do affects your brand, and it’s up to you to determine whether your brand is affected positively or negatively. That’s it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.”

Peter Shankman, author, entrepreneur, speaker


Academic Branding

As a professional in academia, you have an advantage over professionals in other fields when it comes to creating an online presence. You already have a portfolio of creations to share online

Many professionals struggle to flesh out their websites with interesting, useful content. After all, visitors to your site will linger on and return to your site only if it piques their interest. A site bearing only your CV, resume and contact information (although even this is better than nothing!) doesn't reveal much about yourself. Instead, you could include video, slides, audio and articles to make it a diverse and appealing mix of media. Your unique voice helps your academic brand shine in any area of study.

“It’s a myth to think that you’ll be rewarded solely on the basis of your hard work. And if you don’t brand yourself, someone else will. Chances are that their brand description won't be quite what you have in mind.”
Catherine Kaputa, Author “UR a Brand”

Imagine Your Success

Dr. Smith is an established and renowned expert in his field. His university classes are always packed, as students enjoy his lectures.

He frequently speaks at conferences and workshops related to his field. Dr. Smith also consults for several organizations. He writes research articles for several trade journals and members of the media tap him for interviews often. Dr. Smith has many followers on his personal blog and promotes it on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It doesn't take a personal investigator to learn all of this about Dr. Smith. Just a Google search reveals that he's tops in his field based upon his website and social media.

Will you shine like Dr. Smith when someone searches for your name? Can someone easily learn about your education and accomplishments? Can people readily contact you with opportunities that can benefit you? Or will their searches come up empty?

Even more important, when people want to find an expert in your field, will your name appear in the search returns? Or are you known only locally for your prowess?

“The best way to control what kinds of information others will find about us online is to provide quality content and create well-designed profiles ourselves.”

Bertalan Mesko, author of Social Media in Clinical Practice

How We Help You
Build Your Academic Brand in Three Steps


Personal brand audit.

  • We evaluate where you are and learn where you would like to be.
  • We establish an inventory of attributes, beliefs, values, accomplishments, and experiences in terms of your personal and professional goals.

Develop your brand identity and online presence.

  • We determine what value do you provide and what makes you different from others in your field. Compare yourself with your competitors and colleagues. What have you done lately—this week, even—to make yourself stand out? What would your colleagues or your customers say is your greatest and most distinguishing strength? Your most noteworthy personal trait? The cliché rings true: don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle.
  • We establish a remarkable online presence. In an online context, academic brand identity relies on self-presentation. Social networking profiles,blogs, and personal web pages should all seamlessly represent your personal brand.
  • We develop a personal website, your Internet "home base" and optimize key social media profiles. Not every social media platform is right for you and it's impossible to use them all. We help you select what's right for your academic brand.
  • We ensure consistent presentation and messaging across different platforms.
  • We increase your academic brand’s visibility.

We monitor your brand and grow your influence.

You don't have to come up with new content all the time. Instead, we can help you revise, recycle, repurpose existing information assets such as articles, lesson plans, photos, rubrics, slides, and status updates.If you keep it fresh, you can see your personal brand grow.

What We Offer

Congratulations: You already have (almost) everything you need!

Establishing your personal brand is not as complicated as it may seem. Actually, you're nearly there. You HAVE the education, talents, and knowledge already to be at the top of your field. Now you just need to know how to present yourself to the world. Your personal brand leads to the new job offers, media coverage, and consulting gigs you want. Instead of constantly searching for these opportunities, they'll come to you because the world now knows you’re the best.

Thanks to academic branding, you can stand out from the crowd and let your talent take your career to its fullest potential.

Consider us your partner in establishing your personal brand. We'll stick with you every step of the way, and well beyond!


Monthly Services

We don't leave you high and dry. After we set you up with a personal brand and online presence, we offer ongoing services to keep your brand relevant as your industry changes and as you grow in your professional career. Along with you, we monitor and manage your brand on the web. We'll show you how to share research, links, media interviews, photos and video clips. Visitors will see that you're tops in your field.

We will help you support your website and social media through refreshing your site, keeping social media up-to-date and ensuring the technical aspects of your site operate smoothly.

Hosting and Backups

Once we create your website, we host it. You won't experience any of the headaches of the technical part of web management. We will monitor and renew your domain names so they never expire. No one will be able to buy them out from under you. Whenever you need help with providing content or tech support, you're our top priority. We back up your site monthly in case of an unpredictable problem. You're free to cancel at any time.


Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. If you want to know how changes to your site affect its traffic - the visits it receives - you need analytics. We offer you complete access to your sites' analytics.


Want to know how you rank on Google and other search engines? We include this information on our monthly report. If you need more consulting, we'll gladly chat with you via Skype or on the phone. Feel free to ask questions and strategize with us.

Monthly Consulting

Every month, we offer a personal consulting session to help you further develop your brand, better market your brand, and discuss your publicity, social media and web site development. As the industry changes, we can help you stay nimble to meet its coming challenges and opportunities. We offer tips for promoting your brand based upon your site's analytics and the results you experience. Partnering with you, we formulate an action plan to increase your visibility. You should also ask all the questions you'd like from our branding professionals who are glad to answer any questions you have.

$300SET UP
    • Brand Audit
    • Phone Consultation
    • Personalized plan
    $1,300SET UP
      • Brand Audit
      • Phone Consultation
      • Custom Logo
      • Professional Website
      • Optimized for search results
      • Create Professional & Social Media profiles (3)
      • Website Management tutorial
      • ON-GOING - $19.99/mo.
      • Hosting and Backups
      • Google Analytics
      • Branded email
      • Custom URL
      PACKAGE 3
      $2,500SET UP
        • Brand Audit
        • Phone Consultation
        • Custom Logo + Personal ID Package
        • Professional Website
        • Optimized for search results
        • Website Management tutorial
        • Brand Positioning & Copy Development (5 pages)
        • ON-GOING - $19.99/mo.
        • Hosting and Backups
        • Google Analytics
        • Custom URL
        • Membership (coming soon)
        • Branded email
        • Report and monthly action plan
        • Personalized monthly consulting

        Want to increase your visibility?

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        Here is how you can get a return on your academic branding investment?

        Three ways your brand will grow with you and provide the benefits you desire.


        Stand out from others in your field.

        When people look for the best of the best in your industry, you'll be on the short list. Imagine how that will enhance your career.



        Enhanced public image.

        Ramp up your professional visibility and credibility with effective
        personal branding. Media members will find you more easily and come to rely upon your as a valuable resource.


        Adapt to changes in your field and career.

        You can more easily navigate industry fluctuations by widening your
        employability and chances of successful entrepreneurship. Over your lifetime,you can increase your earnings.

        “It's this simple: You are a brand. You are in charge of your brand. There is no single path to success. And there is no one right way to create the brand called You. Except this: Start today. Or else.”
        Tom Peters, Author “The Brand Called You